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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  September 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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up in smoke. flames race through one bay area home but don't stop there. live report on the damage. >> and just released video from the terrible day 10 years ago. moments after flight 93 went down on 9/11. gentleman 7 news moments after flight 93 went down on 9/11. gentleman 7 news begins in 60 seconds [ yawns ] ♪ this is how we do it ♪ uncle teddy! uncle teddy! what are you guys doing? it's summer; let's hit the beach! mom! you need a pepsi. uhh. ooh. meh. let's have some fun! woo! alright! [ can opens ] ahh. ♪ summertime is pepsi time
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you gotta work on that tan, bro. ♪ summertime is pepsi time >> busy night for firefighters in condition cord one home burned to the ground. >> then ember from that home on skyler court jump a block setting 2 important houses on fire on mar view circle. >> tonight investigators are still training to determine what sparked that initial fire.
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sergio is live for us in condition cord tonight. sergi sergio. >>reporter: this these are the khartd bits of the house under construction on skyler court. neighbors say they were startled by a series of boom before 5 in the afternoon. rob dot and his brother shot video of the smoke towering over the neighborhood on the i-phone. >> i heard like a boom. then smoke started rising up. we were at a barbecue. >>reporter: he lives next to the house and initially caught fire. >> we heard 3 loud bangs. it was after few seconds become become boom. >>reporter: at first he says he thought it was the wind but then he noticed the wood frame of the house next door was in flames. >> just so intense so i thought watering our house a little bit to save it then i saw our friends which we share with this house fight fire. >>reporter: other neighbors jumped on the roof and began spraying them down to prevent the fire from spreading. fair
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commander say the afternoon winds did not help. >> wind blowing this way bringing a lot of heavy ember that type of thing and started °fire couple fence fires and. >>reporter: 2 homes on mar view circle significantly burned. fire chief smith says the series of boom may have been from items inside a shed that caught fire at one of the homes. >> hear some propane tank exploding. we had 2 gas lines involved on the secondary explosion that start add fire. that may have been what people were hearing. >>reporter: pg&e says the was no damage to any of the goods lines but meter were damaged so they were called m to shut off gas while firefighters were working to control the flames. now there were no injuries in this fire and those 2 homes on mar view the good news is one of the family will be able to return tomorrow because the fire damage was not all that significant. unfortunately at the other home on mar view that place is yellow tagged by the fair department. live in
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concord tonight, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much sergio. >> several wildfires burning tonight in california. scorching thousands of acres. the largest one is burning near kern county. fares say 12 homes destroyed there but hundreds more are threatened. governor brown has already requested federal assistance to help cover the cost of fighting this fire which is so far burned 13 square miles. huge blaze. so far 2 firefighters have been jirtd. farther south small barn fire has grown to more than 500 acres. this blaze broke out this afternoon in the town of august washington in los angeles county. several homes and farms are threatened. it's 70% contained. much larger fire burning in texas where at least 500 homes have burned. at least 5000 people have been forced from their homes east of austin. firefighters have been unable to contain the flames which stretch about 16 miles. forest service says it destroyed about 25,000 acres so
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far. >> one person is in the hospital tonight after shooting at san francisco aquatic park. happened at the north end of van ness avenue where many tourist park near the ball courts. victim is expected to survive. park police are leading the investigation. witness heard 4 to 5 shots fired. scene closed until tomorrow morning that means some people who parked in the area can not get to their cars tonight. sheriff's deputy have spted the man suspected of murdering 2 men including a fort brag city councilman but slipped away before thebingtd catch him. 35-year-old aaron abbas vanished in the woods near his mother home yesterday. a sheriff dog joined the hunt failed to find him but grabbed a piece of clothing. they say he shot this manager ri may on august 27 when the city councilman wept looking for marijuana grow on private timber land outside fort brag. he's suspected of killing a land trust worker earlier in
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august >> this friday mark a somber anniversary deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. one year later 2 california legislators are backing state and federal legislation to strengthen safety standards for gas paper line in california and the u.s. to force pg&e to be more accountable. thomas reports from san bruno. >>reporter: it was almost a year agatha the gas pipeline under the san bruno neighborhood exploded destroying 30 homes. the scars still show in the neighbor. effects on many of the resident is not as anyable but just as traumatic. >> because of it we lost 8 people here in san brown o. friends. relatives. family members. destroyed whole neighborhood and traumatized a city forever. >>reporter: san bruno mayor is hoping that the california senate will pass ab 56 introducedless year by assembly man hill that would require pg&e to comply with several safety requirements for all its paper nrins california. >> it all has to be didn't. automatic and rae met control shut off valves. much better
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inspection procedures. inline testing. it's all there. >>reporter: pg&e 95 minutes find and cholesterol off the valve for the blazing pipeline. the person who live near the blast site lost neighbors to the blast. he wonders why pg&e has to be forced to install the valves. >> that would have saved 90 minutes. saved cal cue lit. that would have saved how many millions of dollars not to mention lives. >>reporter: jerry hill says his bill is essential. ntsb called pg&e compliance with regulation a litany of failure. he only has to look as far as the gas fire that december void a town news cupertinoless week to know how badly regulations are needed. >> another example sadly that the fact that that plastic pip was deficient. that it was flawed. that it had problems before and was well known and it was well known to pg&e but they did nothing about it. similar to the issue in san bruin oyshtion bill would not awill you pg&e to pass along
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penalty and fine imposed by regulators to rate first. hill hopes the legislation will be signed by governor brown before friday. one year anniversary of the explosion and fire that ripped through the san bruno neighborhood. in san bruin oshtion abc 7 news. hyatt employee demand new contract today during labor day protest in san francisco and santa clara. workers march through sun fran union square and then rall c outside the grand hyatt. union local 2 has been without a contract at hyatt for 2 years. hyatt has agreed to the same deal the union reached with star wood and hiltd on but the union accuses hyatt of trying to prevent from it representing workers in some of the non-union hotels. hyatt did not rae respond to our request for an interview. >> california supreme court is said to hear argument tomorrow on whether sponsor of proposition 8 have the right to appeal the ruling that found the ban on guys marriage unconstitutional. if the supreme court rules that prop 8
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backers don't have a right to appeal it could pave the way for same sex marriages to resume in california. if the court allows the appeal the case will move forward and most lakely make its way to the u.s. supreme court. more to bring you tonight. new video surfacing 10 years after 9/11. >> remains of an airplane crash over on limberville road. >> up next the pictures taken minutes after flight 93 hit the ground. >> and the postal service on the verge of shutting down? new reality facing an american institution. >> and talk about a rock. this one is a cool 43 carat and could be yours for price. all that coming up bit litter on "nightline". >> coming up next on nature license. we check out a very unusual kindergarten with no classroom or books because lot of mud pie and bird calls. >> must child prodegy. rodig incredible talent defy
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explanation. but are they born or cap they be built? explanation. but are they born or cap they be built? that's on "nightline". &2&2&2&2&2&2&2&2&2&2&2&2&2&2&2&x
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>> just days before the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attack never before seen image of the day being made public. they she the moments after united flight 93 crashed in a field in his shanksville, pennsylvania. the family of the captain of flight 93 is preparing to mark a decade since his death. corina has their story. >> this video is a haunting new image of who happened when flight 93 crashed in a pennsylvania field on september 11. the man you hear on tape has since died. an his family has rae lessed the recording wishing to stay anonymous. >> saw the smoke come up and the explosion shook the house mostly clear over here. >> when i heard it, it seemed, it was lick you were back there again. getting a fresh report. and kind of brought et al back too. >>reporter: carol has plenty of memory from that tragic day. her brother was quantityed airline pilot captain jason dahl. flight 93 bound for san
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francisco was the only plane hijacked by terrorists that did not reach its intended target. 40 good people and 4 terrorists died when passengers heroically stormed the cockpit. >> great lesson from losing jason is that you leif every day. sometimes it might turn bad. but you live every day and embrace life. >>reporter: jason dahl son matt was just 15 when his fts was killed. now for the first time since september 11 he plans to attend the annual anniversary in shanksville. matt is new 25. college graduate and married. at the memorial he will be surrounded by family. >> being together is going to be the strength and knowing that matt has not been there before, we all want to be there for him as he experiences it for the first time he goes it took 10 years for this new video of flight 93 to surface and for some reaching milestone
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in the healing process can take just as long. in holster, abc 7 news. >> and we will carry special coverage of the nation xhem rigs of 9/11 all weekend beginning friday. wayne will report live from new york city and lil i don't know from shanksville, pens vin. on sunday abc news begins leif coverage of the september 11 ceremony with a special edition of good morning america at 5:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. that will be followed by abc 7 morning news from 8:00 a.m. until 10 in the morning. >> just hours from now the postmaster general tells congress without financial help the post office could days fault by the end of this month. agency is flat broke. e-mail internet business and on license shopping translate in less mail every day which men fewer stamp and less revenue. congress will be asked for more than just money. >> we are asking for few things that are not in our credit. we would lick to good from 6 to 5 day delivery save us a lot of money and also asking congress to give us relief on free
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funding reteare health care benefit which would also good listening way to helping our financial situation. >> that's because postal officials say they don't have the 5.5 billion dollars needed to pay rae tyree health benefits by the end of the month. agency wants toly off 120,000 workers to help cut ks. >> well layoffs are the last thing president obama needs to hear about. heading in thursday prime time speech on creating jobs. he was in friendly territory today in detroit, michigan from fired up pro labor crud chanted 4 more year. president which will engtd republic conditions to put country before pert as he put it and offered a preview of his speech. >> we have got roads and bridges across this country. this need rebuilding. we have got private company with the equipment and the manpower to do the building. we have got more than 1 million up employed construction workers ready to get dirty writ now. >>reporter: president obama will also ask congress to stepped the payroll tax cut.
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we will air the speech live this thursday at 4:00 o'clock. 2 republican front runners aim to up seat president obama next year turned up the heat on him and each other today. >> we didn't raise tax mrs. mrs. president. you raised taxes 500 billion dollars. we didn't cut medicare. one president in modern history cut medicare. this president. >> some people say i created jobs that's true. the there's one in particular that committed jobs all over the world. about while he was the governor of massachusetts he didn't create very many jobs. >>reporter: former massachusetts governor romney spoke during a canada account forum in south carolina today. texas governor perry appeared at another event in south carolina before heading home to deal with wildfires in his state. imagine vacation oning in leak tahoe looking out the cabin window and seeing a bear driving away with your car. these exactly what happened to the man who owns what is left of this 2002 toyota a.he says
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the bear totalled the car after breaking into it. manual got stuck behind the whale tried to kick and scratch its way out but instead shifted the car that neutral and it rolled out of the drive way. bear financially escaped from the consider and ran back in the woods. that was the result. >> crazy scene. let's get a check of our warming forecast now. >> yes. spencer is in for sand c tonight. spencer. >> folks start with beautiful time lapse view of this evening sunset from the east bay hills camera lacking obviously west ward. look at that sunset. sunset time officially 7:33 this evening and more beautiful ones like that in the days ahead. high pressure today up in the 90's in ukiah clear lake. 80's in most other inland location and 70's around the bay but things heating up tomorrow. writ now you couldn't tell we have a little bit of heat wave our way. pretty cool with temperature readings mainly in the 50's across the bay area. we have some 60's in the inland east bay and 60 agrees down at los gatos the these are the highlights. some low clouds on
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the coast tonight. pushing locally across the bay but not very far inland. much warmer weather prevails tomorrow and wednesday and we have caller weather again by the end of the week. overnight tonight look for a little fog interthe coast and again maybe pushing locally across the bay. if you spots. it will be mild with over nature low mainly in the 50's north bay a little bit cooler low of 49 at clover dale. 51 at santa rosa. satellite radar composite image pecking up some tropical moisture that has been pulling up from the south west in southern california producing lit rainfall there throughout the afternoon and evening hours between la and san diego and pushing inlistened now towards arizona and parts of nevada. it's not going to make its way up to the bay area in the immediate why the forecast future. we have the ridge of high pressure building and that brings us much warmer weather tomorrow and wednesday especially in the inland area. even on the coast pretty mild. 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning time license there see a little bit of fog around pull back quickly to the coast and away from the coast in some spots. left with
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weighed range of conditions tomorrow. high pressure in the low mid 60's near the coast. mid 90's in the warmest inland location. lets start in the south bay where we see sunny sky and high from upper dwroys low 90's. yin at san jose. 91 at campbell. on the peninsula high mainly in the 80's. mid 80's for the most part. redwood city, palo alto, mustn't vushltion mailtd on the coast, 66 at half man bay. downtown san francisco high of 70 agrees tomorrow. 72 in south san francisco. 65 in sunset district north by high mainly in the upper 80's. 88 at sonoma. why at santa rosa. 91 at calistoga. 92 at clover dale and 96 up in ukiah. hot spot up north. nearest bay high mainly in the 80's. 81 in oakland. 85 81 city. 87 in free mont. inland east bay will be even warmer sizzling in the mid 90's. 94 at conspire cord, danville and pleasanton, 96 at livermore antioch. monterey bay high ofy at santa cruz. 80 at watsonville and
11:21 pm
mid 90's inland morgan hill and gilroy. accu-weather 7 day forecast after 2 had the difficulties inland tomorrow and wednesday. temperatures will start to moderately a about the and by the weekend inland high will be back in the 80's. mid 70's around the bay and low 60's on the coast. lovely weather ahead. couple hot ones then it consolidates did you know. >> yes all right thanks spence spencer. >> warning on the peninsula tonight after 2 mountain lion sightings. >> what neighbor being asked to sightings. >> what neighbor being asked to do. stay with us. b@ it's a new totino's pizza stuffer. [ male announcer ] give your kids the new totino's pizza stuffers. new, minimum mess, maximum fun!
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whole grain? whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't... multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. is. >> warning to rest tent on the peninsula. be on the look out for mountain lion. one was found roaming interhomesless night neard with side. officials are suggest that go resident there avoid outside activities including making or jogging at dawn, dusk or night. emergency alert was also issued in theless at os hills. adult mountain lion spotted there on saturday and sunday. >> how with you like to get your hands on one of a kind 43 carat diamond? u.s. marshal service is selling the one they have. check this thing out. the yellow gem is flawless. about the size of a 50 cent piece and going on the auction block next
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month. asking price mere 90 900,000 dollars although the stone will lakely good for at least 5 millionment jewelers 7 international attention. federal agent confiscate from a convicted money lawnd dearer during an undercover sting. that's an edge engagement ring. >> that big it lacks fake. >> that is true actually. >> you wouldn't want it. >> in. >> sports is next. >> giants hit the road. rudolph guilianier federer needed no help on the way to quarter final at the u.s. open. we serve them up next in quarter final at the u.s. open. we serve them up next in sports
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>> time for the jints to get busy. 7 games back of arizona with only 22 games left. pablo sandoval gave the louisville slugger good talking to today in san diego. waking his lumber out of a slumber. it worked. first at bat. he turns on the breaking ball. towards rate center. that is gone. solo shot. no. 17 for
11:29 pm
the panned a.4th inning. giants now up 2-1. sandoval again not fooled by the change up. see you. another solo homer. wilson impressed. madison brilliant in the last start. 11 striking out. gets no. 11 today in the eighth. cameron looking. jesus number fell. career high and in the 9th orlando hudson swing and myself. 13 striking outs. guess 8 and third and gave up 2 runs. giants win it 7-2 but still 7 back arizona win over colorado. monday matinee on this labor today and got the royal flush for a's. 3 run home interthe second. gave oakland a lead. but butler 2 home runs 3 rbi. the one tied it at 6 in the sixth. he got all that one. royals crank out 15 hits. gordon untie it in the 9th. this rbi double in the city ends the a's 4 game win streak with 11-6 victory.
11:30 pm
federer has quietly advanced to the 30th straight major quarter final tonight. kind of a practice session against juan monaco. this is the beg swing of the night. roger was on fire. after winning the first set in 18 minutes. roger got the serve working in the second game second set. 4 straight aces. didn't fell like running. he did miss one shot tonight, though. we give him style points. he tries every match. 1 hour 2 minutes later he wins in straight set. top seed tested by 22-year-old alex. epic first tie break. check this point out. just to get the ball is amazing. he lobes it. it's in. another lob of his own. this is over. no. rate. bunt lob. not going to go in. win the point but he wins the tie bricker. 16-14 in the first set. he cruise the next if you sets.
11:31 pm
thank you very much for a straight set victory. 28 seed for the women convenient a williams needed only 74 minutes to dispose of anna today in the round 16. 3 time u.s. open champ moves into the first major quarter final since missing nearly a year due to health problems. top seed caroline came back from a set and break to inconvenience to the quarter final to give about this. match lasted just over 3 hours. 26 unforced error. sfaichlt accurate winner here. in golf. championship 18th hole. the win. check out the rx by the wife of simpson can't believe it. that miss and puts her husband in play off and win it in the second hole. second win in 3 weeks. now no. 1 in the fedex point standings and cut it from 170 players for next event. >> i love her reaction. >> million dollar check. >> no kidding.
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>> all right. nature license coming up next. >> for all of us here thanks for joining us. >> appreciate you are a time as always. hope to see you again hear tomorrow. always. hope to see you again hear tomorrow. >> good night [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' scho get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instrents. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪
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